A warm hello from the Big Kahuna's Guide Service to all of our fishing friends, and Kentucky Lake fans! The three of us hope that all has been well since the last time we checked in, and that each of you enjoyed the eclipse event yesterday. What a spectacular event that was to get to experience !

   Lake conditions today August 22 as of 9 a:m is that Kentucky Lake is listed by T.V.A. as being at 357.71 and generating 46,617 cubic feet per second, while Barkley is listed at 357.60 and running 28,500cfs. Both lakes are recorded at each dam as being 85 degrees. Kentucky Lake is predicted to be at 357.21 tomorrow, and 357.05 on Thursday. Both days the average outflow on Kentucky is projected at 45,000 cfs. The lakes are now getting down to the levels that I pay special attention to where I am running to prevent any unwanted mishaps with underwater hazards. I always prefer to play it safe in that ballgame, but that is just my personal choice.

   As far as weather is concerned today remains what I consider pretty hot, and we have a good chance of some P.M. thunderstorms. After the storms it calls for the rest of the week to have high temperatures in the low 80's with overnight lows in the upper 50,s and low 60,s. The winds are expected to blow from a northerly direction between 5 to 10 miles per hour and very little chance of rain is given. I have no idea what this means for catching fish, but otherwise it sounds pretty nice to me.

   On the fishing end of the spectrum very little has changed since my last report as far as what we have been trying to do for our customers. Our efforts continue to center around chasing the White and Yellow Bass. Until last week the White Bass had been difficult for me to find in numbers, and most of what we caught in my boat were the yellows. As always some days are better than others, and it sometimes requires a lot more patience, and  searching but we were able to make what I would consider pretty nice catches. Last week T.V.A began generating more current, and the three of us were able to make some of the best catches of White Bass that we had in some time. I also noticed that I picked up more bass and catfish during this time as well. Our fish continue to come on Kens Hybrid spinners and various styles of jigging spoons. We continue to search along the old Tennessee river channel, mouths of major creeks, and river islands. Every once in a while I have been lucky enough to be near the fish when they jumped. The jumps I have seen were sporadic and not long lasting, but if I was  near one and quick enough sometimes I have been able to snatch a few out before they vanished. Some of these fish came on a small jig tied behind a popping cork. 

   For anyone out there that has not had the chance to visit the Moors, and the Kentucky Lake area don't wait any longer. There is still plenty of summer left to enjoy. The Moors has everything to offer that a person needs while they are on vacation. The entire lakes area has so many things to see and do for people of any age. Regardless of whether you fish or not come visit the Moors and Kentucky Lake. If any of you would like to give the fish a shot give one of us a call. My cell is 270-331-3519 and Don's is 270-559-1366. We would like to get to meet you and spend some time on the water with you. Hopefully we will be able to find some and send you home with a nice mess of fish to eat. We still have dates open in August, and a lot of dates in September and October. Thanks to all of you that have visited and fished with us this year, or in any of the years in the past!

Thanks and God Bless,
Chris, Dan, and Eric
The Big Kahunas Guide Service

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